New home wiring considerations


Abilities the to adapt to new technologies and climate change

Car charger

                More and more people are planning on getting an electric vehicle in the future. If you install the cable and box now it will make it a lot easier to install your breaker and charge point for your vehicle in the future.

Solar panels

                Install an armour cable to the attic of your house.  If the cable is there you can add solar power to your house without having to run the cables on the outside of the house.

Heat pump

Adding a heat pump to your house does improve heating and cooling of your home.

If you don’t install one during the build stage make sure that, the disconnect and wire is installed for one in the future.

 Backup power

                Install a separate generator transfer panel with the essential circuits that you want to be powered if the power goes out.

                If they are already in a separate panel you can add a battery backup or a generator in the future.

Hot tub

                A lot of people get Hot tubs. They are nice to have and you may want one.

Outside Shed/shop

                Add a cable and junction box to the side of the house for then when you build a shed or a detached garage. Also by having detached shop or shed instead if attaching it to the home, the breakers are less problematic and cheaper.

Rental suite/ mortgage helper /In-law suite

                If you are building one you may want to split out all the circuits for the suite into a separate panel.

                Also have a separate meter for the suite or make sure you have the ability to add a second meter. (Making sure the cable to the suite panel has enough capacity for the suite)

Smoke Detectors

Ability to inter connect smoke detectors with Rental suite/ mortgage helper /In-law suite

During install wiring the smoke detectors for then they can be modified and interconnected simply for the suite rules.   

For Future mobility needs

                Consider adding an outlet at the bottom of the stairs for a future stair lift if you have stairs.          

Electrical Panel

Consider a whole home surge protector. Try to install the electrical panel in a location that is covenant for access. Install the electrical panel will be stalled on an outside wall, try to put the vapor barrier behind the panel.               

             You may also want to put in a sub panel if the wire lengths get a little long in the house for then the wire lengths to the panel

Extra circuits

                Consider adding a few extra circuits to your crawl space and attic for the future to add new lights or plugs or the small extras you would like to add in the future. Ie heated towel rack.             

Media Panel     

                A media panel with an electrical outlet can simplify your TV, home network and telephone connections.

                Consider wiring your home with network cable for hard wire network connections, adding ip cameras, network access points, etc

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